Our services include Residential (interior and exterior), Commercial, Industrial, Roofs, Body corporate and Insurance painting contracts.

Painting is one of the least costly ways that can improve and change the overall appearance of your home. It protects your home from the ageing process, beautifies and gives it appeal, and increases your home’s value. It can make an older home look new again and make newer home stand out on your street. Whether painting a small bathroom or planning to redecorate your entire home, our friendly consultation is part of the process. We know the right questions to ask and have the answers you need.

All painting specialists can assure you that you are opening your home to a trustworthy and reputable company. We pride ourselves on our professionalism which sets us apart from other painting contractors. You need to know when you bring someone to your home that that they can be trusted around your home, your family and your possessions.

3D BOARD is a new, high quality, artistic, durable and environmentally friendly product taking interior design to a new level. The design applications of 3D BOARD are limited only by your imagination and can be utilised to create eye-catching feature walls or a more subtle and subdued atmosphere of elegance and refinement. 3D BOARD has a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. Click here to view the range available.